Monday, September 26, 2016

how to check for mold behind drywall

can you smell mold

How does one know if they have high-levels of VOCs or mold-generated VOCs in their house? It is extremely advised to get in touch with a professional inspector and mold remediation business for mold mitigation, but a tell-tale sign would be the often offensive smells connected with mold-generated VOCs. Looking past the structural damage that mold can cause to a house, which can be solved by repair and remediation experts, breathing in and exposure to mold-generated VOCs can be a serious health hazard to the property occupants because of the possible damage to the olfactory system and temporal lobe.

The minute mold is noticeable, the next course of action need to be to get expert treatment and remove it at the source. Because mold thrives in particular conditions, it is important to fix the issues that caused the issue to begin such as a wetness issue. Because chemicals and odors can stick around long after source treatment and removal, a proper strategy needs to consist of continual treatment of the air.

how to check for mold behind drywall

According to Kyle Knappenberger, Director of Innovation at EnviroKlenz, "VOCs can be harmful and that's exactly what everybody needs to comprehend. Exposure to mold-generated VOCs can turn a house owner's life upside down. This is why EnviroKlenz thinks that it has the very best air purifier for mold-generated VOC's in the market as the system utilizes a distinct and trademarked process to reduce the effects of VOCs through its two-stage filtering system."

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