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Best Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers

Best Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers

Mom's and Dad's should be conscious of the ingredients of the detergents that they are using as well as the mechanisms that these products use to remove both dirt and odors.For those parents that decide to keep it all natural and go with the cloth diaper option, you will have your hands full with laundering cloth diapers.

Now we are not discouraging this option at all but it's very important when making your selection that you choose and additives or detergents that are free of enzymes, brighteners, dyes, softeners, bleach, and synthetic fragrances.

Best laundry detergent for cloth diapers hard water

Many of the well-known or popular baby detergents work using an enzymatic technology to remove eat away at the odors in the cloth diapers.

Simply stated enzymes work by removing odors by causing a biological or chemical reaction. Enzymes are scientifically considered to be a type of protein which are produced by living organisms, but they are not alive. An enzyme is made up of a chain of amino acids, and it's the changes to the sequence in the structure that dictates the function of the enzyme.

Will Enzymes remove odors in cloth diapers?

Enzymes do not remove odors. Rather, the product's bacteria eliminate the malodor. For a product to work well, it requires the use of both bacteria and enzymes, selected for the appropriate soil. There are more than 40,000 bacteria one can use in a formula. The general formulas are not as good as specialized/dedicated products for the various applications/soils.

Also, the quantity and quality of bacteria and enzymes used are very important. Be sure the product is certified green and specific to the odor that you are attempting to deodorize. Lastly, if a bio-enzymatic product is older than 1 to 1.5 years old, be leery of it.

best laundry detergent for cloth diapers and baby clothes

The OdorKlenz laundry is a safe and effective solution to removing odors from cloth diapers by utilizing its earth mineral technology to neutralize the odors without the use of masking agents,fragrance, or toxic chemicals.

Just add the OdorKlenz laundry additive along with your favorite free and clear detergent to deodorize the odors in your cloth diapers

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