Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sport Bag Deodorizer

Sport Bag Deodorizer


Gym bags are the unsung hero for every athlete and fitness fanatic but there will come a point in time that your gym bag has fallen victim to the odors and musty smells that you put them into contact with. If you can take a moment think of the last time you put your gym bag through the wash? If your answer is consistent with what we have received, you will benefit greatly from this video and our OdorKlenz gym bag deodorizer.

Here are some home remedies that we will dispell for their effectiveness of removing gym bag odors

1. Tea Bags Kill odors by dropping a few unused tea bags into your gym bag-- Tea bags do have some minor absorption properties but we would like to emphasize the word minor as it will not neutralize or completely remove gym bag odors.

2. Dryer Sheets- Dryer sheets are basically scented pieces of fabric cloth which will just mask the smells, the problem is that once those scents are gone, your bag will resume the funky smell that it had prior.

3. White Vinegar Detergent sometimes leaves your gym bag as well as clothes a little funky. Vinegar acts like an acid and can be a little effective at removing some odors but will also leave a distinctive smell behind besides the sweat odors.

4. Disinfecting Wipes Between washes, give your gym bag--both inside and out--a disinfecting rub down to kill any bacteria or germs, which cause bad odors.

OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used to remove offending sweat and body odors from your gear and fitness pads as well. Often sports pads, gloves, and bags cannot be washed the conventional way but with OdorKlenz Sports powder you are able to apply it directly to your athletic items and remove the odors safely and effectively. Another use for OdorKlenz Sports powder can be used to remove fragrances or perfumes that were transferred over to your shoes, gear, or equipment. Just apply a visible coating and it leaves your items smelling clean and odor free.For more information on how to remove odors from gym bags and locker visit our OdorKlenz Sports Release bag page.

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