Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Remove the Smell From Your Gym Bag

How to Remove the Smell From Your Gym Bag


Athletes and fitness fanatics face hurdles beyond the weights and it comes in the form of gym bags odors. A gym bags comes into contact with all your sweaty clothes and towels and since the majority of the time your bag is closed with little or no air circulating through it is easy for the odors to begin to spore. Most deodorizers will just mask the smell with fragrances and perfumes and once those scents go away you will have quite the mess to clean up with. The OdorKlenz technology works to remove and neutralize the odors on contact without the use of toxic chemicals or fragrances.

OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used to remove offending sweat and body odors from your gear and fitness pads as well. Often sports pads, gloves, and bags cannot be washed the conventional way but with OdorKlenz Sports powder you are able to apply it directly to your athletic items and remove the odors safely and effectively. Another use for OdorKlenz Sports powder can be used to remove fragrances or perfumes that were transferred over to your shoes, gear, or equipment. Just apply a visible coating and it leaves your items smelling clean and odor free.For more information on how to remove odors from gym bags and locker visit our OdorKlenz Sports Release bag page.

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