Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Make your Dog stop Smelling

How to Make your Dog stop Smelling

If you have an outside dog or a dog that just loves to get into a mess the moment you let him outside, please watch this video till the end. There are times when you are on a long walk with your dog, hiking along a trail, or enjoying a day at the dog beach at any given time disaster can strike and your dog can quickly turn into a hot mess. Now you are stuck having to drive or walk back with your dog with no way of controlling the odors on the ride home, but now with the OdorKlenz Deodorizing mitt you can now quickly remove the mitt and give your dog a gentle pat with the OdorKlenz deodorizing technology to neutralize and remove any and all odors that they may have come into contact with.
Great with in between baths or that dreadful skunk spray incident when you don't have access to water or a dog shampoo or deodorizer.

OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt is your best option for safe and effective odor elimination from your pet when out and about.
OdorKlenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt was developed as an easy to use mitt that dispenses deodorizing powder offering on-the-spot field treatment for pets who have been sprayed by skunks or gotten into something stinking while hunting, walking, hiking or playing when a full bath is just not an option. The patented technology neutralizes the offending odor on contact minimizing the possibility of contaminating the car, the house, or you. OdorKlenz contains no masking agents or alcohol. Sold individually in a packet perfect for storing with camping gear, hunting bags, car's and garages for those emergency odor situations.

When your dog get skunked it is important that you are prepared to de-skunk your dog using products that work and are safe to use on and around your pets. Most pet owners turn to the internet ins search of articles on how to remove skunk smell from dog or skunk odor removal home remedies. Some of the common skunk odor removal recipes include using ingredients commonly found in your home, like hydrogen peroxide, dish washing liquid, and tomato juice. This will temporarily reduce the skunk odors but will not neutralize the skunk smell and should not be your last means of defense. OdorKlenz pet mitt was designed to neutralize skunk odors on the spot without the use of water or shampoos. Just tap the mitt on your pet and it will begin to disperse the OdorKlezn powder and neutralize the odors from your pet. Perfect for hunters, outdoorsman, or for instant clean up when water is not readily available.

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