Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pet Odor Neutralizer | Do Enzymes Really Work?

Pet Odor Neutralizer| Do Enzymes Really Work?
The OdorKlenz technology is unique in that it works to attack multiple pathways of the odors without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals. The OdorKlenz pet odor neutralizer utilizes a patented earth mineral technology which is effective at chemical neutralization and odor elimination because it works against many different chemical classes at the same time.What makes the OdorKlenz technology special is we get the benefits of more than one neutralization pathway making it a more effective against a broader range of chemical odor sources in a product that works once contact with the source is achieved.

Pet odor elimination

Traditional pet urine eliminator are made from an enzymatic technology which sends out a protein to eat away at the source of the odor. Enzymes are biological molecules, typically proteins, which act as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. Enzymes are typically slow-acting and they serve a depending on the source of the odor it may not be the correct enzyme needed to remove or break down the chemical composition of the odor. Only when the right enzyme finds the right substrate (the chemical the enzyme works against) can the biochemical reaction occur or neutralization of the odor on hand Simply but in terms of odor elimination, the enzyme may work against a very specific chemical behind the odor, but odors are normally comprised of several compounds across multiple chemical classes.

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