Monday, March 28, 2016

How to Get Rid of Curry Smell from Your Home

how to Get Rid of Curry Smell from Your Home

Now onto the last but certainly not the last smelliest item on our cooking odor list, curry and spice odors.

It is not the cooked curry that causes the smell in the house. Curry smell is not directly caused by the curry but the changing of the chemical composition in the curry while it is cooking .

To make curry, the spices (such as cumin seeds) are typically fried or sauteed in a hot oil or clarified butter.

While cooking the curry spices emit a fat-soluble essential oil, which contains a spice-specific aroma.

While under the presence of heat odorous vapors are created which contain these essential oils.

The good part is that if you are a spice lover, curry does help kick up your food a few notches but on the downside, these curry and spice vapors are very corrosive and can easily get absorbed into items in your home such as clothing, upholstery, curtains, carpets, wallpaper, and indoor air.

The oily nature of the smell carrier makes it difficult to remove by ordinary air fresheners and proper air filtration and equipment will be required to remove these cooking odors from your home

The OdorKlenz technology is made from earth friendly minerals, non-toxic,fragrance-free, and is designed to attack the chemical odors produced by your food while cooking and neutralize them

The OdorKlenz Laundry is a safe and effective laundry additive that works to eliminate a broad spectrum of odors which include onion smells and curry odors such from your clothing and linens.

The OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge for HVAC systems eliminates chemical and malodors associated with curry odors which cause indoor air quality problems

The cartridges install right into your existing HVAC or furnaces system and treats the air as your system is running. Once the filter is installed and your unit is turned on the OdorKlenz cartridge begins to immediately restore air quality by removing the chemical odors and smells from your home's indoor air

The OdorKlenz® Mobile Air System is your solution to removing cooking odors in your home by eliminating the odors through the systems two-stage filtration process. The unit is portable and once the patented OdorKlenz-Air® Cartridge (size 14”x14” included with purchase) is installed you will begin to remove and neutralize those unwanted cooking smells which are circulating in your home.

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