Thursday, November 19, 2015


Now although I do not claim to be a total fitness expert I can handle my own around those self-proclaimed gurus. Often when I am at the gym throwing some weights around I get asked my opinion on "The Perfect Rep Scheme For Strength And Size" and although I do not have one true formula or answer for this question, I did my due diligence to research the answer from people who actually know what they are talking about. Read below to see if any of these tips can be incorporated into your fitness routine.

At my seminars and certification courses, I often get asked for the perfect rep set to build size and strength simultaneously. My answer: 1-2 exercises per body part, 7 sets of 3-5 reps, 30X0 tempo.

If lifting with tempo is new to you, the first number (3) is the eccentric motion or lowering of the weight. The second number (0) signifies a pause in the stretched position. If it's zero, there's no pause. The third number is the concentric tempo; an X there means to lift explosively. The fourth number (0) is the pause at the top of the movement, or in peak contraction (again, no pause in this case).

Those 8 reps you've been performing explosively on the way up and the way down simply don't have the same training effect as if you perform them with a couple of strategic pauses or counting along the way. This simple addition will dramatically boost both times under tension, and in most cases, the effectiveness of your training.

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Now I am sure you are probably wondering if this will fit into your routine and if you are willing to sacrifice making a change from what you normally do. When it comes to fitness you should always be altering your routines and changing it up so different muscles and groups get the burn and some love as well. I am excited to see what comments you guys have to say. Later!!

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